Friday, July 1, 2011

Sleep Tight, I'll Be Watching Over You

Something that really fascinates me about eagles is that when their giant aeries house little eaglets, they have to be guarded day and night for a while.  The guardian parent, usually the female, sits and watches over the nest tirelessly, of course feeding the youngsters, as well.  We took these first three pictures in the middle of the day down the street from where we stayed in Homer, and the next ones with a bit of a different hue to them were taken at around 10 at night. 

We spotted several eagles on the Kenai Peninsula this week...some soaring in the expanse as we sat and looked out over the ocean, and others flying overhead and landing on light posts as we toured the Spit.


Laura said...

Is this real life?

Tammie said...

beautiful photos.

The Provence Family said...

There is something very majestic about those birds, are they everywhere?