Sunday, July 3, 2011

Girdwood Forest Fair

Katy and Jon's last day in Alaska--for now, anyway. Not much of a story to tell, as festivals go, and I have gone to a lot of them. Very pleasant weather and we used bug spray to protect ourselves from the smaller flying forest creatures.  Earthy wet plant smell mixed with citronella candles and patchouli oil.  The longest food line was the Southern Style Mac and Cheese which you could get with reindeer sausage.  I think the crushed potato chips on top is what made it southern style.  I couldn't get over how proficient the little kids were with the hoola hoops.  They all did that rather than dance in front of the music it was really fun to do it right--around and around with little effort, up the arms, around the necks, walking to and fro--just like we did when we were kids.  When I asked how come they were so good at it, because let's face it, kids today don't much get into real hoola-hooping, Jon said, "They aren't allowed to watch t.v."

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