Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Secret Language of Planet Desmond Chapter 2

So he goes from this

to this...

Zero to 60 in half a second. 

But I don't think this cry was one of distress.  I think it's an expression of overwhelming emotion upon which he did not quite have a grasp.  They were right in the midst of a mutual admiration connection fest and suddenly he articulated an outburst that startled and surprised his mother...and pierced her inner ear, if you're wondering what that look on her face is.  
   As a member of the human species, you hear-read-learn that babies' cries are communication.  Yeah yeah, we get that.  They can't talk.  They're hungry, they cry.  They're drawers are messy, they cry.  Their little legs are tired of being in casts and braces, they cry.
      They love and adore and need you so much it amplifies the energy in their too-tiny-to-contain-it bodies.  They cry.
      Sometimes love just makes you feel so good you have to cry.