Saturday, July 16, 2011

Business Tripping On Kenai Spur and Kalifornsky Beach Rd.

I took my first "business trip" for my new job this week with a co-worker whose little burden I became while she added showing me the ropes to her list of job duties. We set up a low vision clinic for several days and did some extra travelling down the peninsula.

Encountered some old friends in Homer.  The glets are growing so I hardly recognized them!

Can anyone figure out why I like to take pictures of churches so much? Especially old ones and I also like to take pictures of people dressed in old religious-style garb, but I don't really do that very much because that's kind of rude, I think. It reminds me of when Trish's grandson Kaid was young and we took him to Pioneer Village in Salt Lake City where the docents were dressed in period clothing which caught his eye and he said, "Look at the souvenirs!" I'm like that with religious orders.   Is it the anthropologist in me? What about all the cemeteries I like to visit?

You know Homer is famous for its halibut fishing, right? And a lot of other things like bear viewing adventures, flightseeing trips, volcanoes (new mountains) across the horizon, fa-resh seafood, and bald eagles.  Mostly, though, I think Homer is famous for being Homer and that's why I like it--for it's Homerness.

Back up in Kenai, it must be fishing season or something. My father used to fish a lot. He fished from the bank of a river or from a boat in the lake. I remember some messy back yard fish cleaning and odious tasks of removing bones from supper, and wet, smelly burlap bags in a galvanized tin tub. But it wasn't until I was much older that I finally understood why it took anglers and fly-fishermen so long to cast their lines and land them in the right spots and leave them there. If I had seen these guys all lined up, skillfully, smoothly casting out, pulling up and casting out again I might have understood the whole operation a bit earlier in my life and I'm sure my life would be much better today because of it! I took these pictures on my evening walk last night a little after midnight. We are losing daylight.

I love my little and big road trips and I love taking pictures of them and posting and talking about it all, and who wouldn't?  But I think it all might be a bit empty if I didn't get to do the kind of work we call work but is really just connecting with people.  I would like to tell the stories of the people who use our services, and sometimes I do that, but for the most part, I think the issue of privacy restrains me.  Anyone who works in this field knows though, that I could tell some very inspiring and poignant stories and feel quite honored to be a moment on the page with them.


Trish said...

Just Loverlee!

buzzard said...

Hi Penny, thought I'd return the favour and drop by, and can I just say your pictures are magnificent especially the wildlife,scenic and fishing ones!! I will makeyour blogs a regular hang-out if that's OK with you..

Penny said...

Honored Buzzard! It's a lot more fun if you know you are really sharing things. Thanks!