Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pack Your Bags And Come Follow Me

A young relative and I went to Salt Lake City on the FrontRunner the other day. I can't remember the name of the artist who sculpted these suitcase rocks that seem to be scattered over the plaza like so much abandoned baggage, and I'm not sure whether I like the work or not, but I have a lot of pictures of them. They look kind of strange. I get the idea of carrying our lives, or carrying something of our lives, when we travel, I guess, but I don't get the part about their coming out of rocks. Maybe the medium isn't necessarily supposed to be the message, any more than the idea of painting with oil on canvas says something about the picture itself. Maybe it's just supposed to be interesting and appreciated. Or maybe the rocks are necessary to keep people from carrying off the carrying things.


TRIBE'S said...

I think those are a little strange, but I love that you took a picture. OK I get that the artist has their own interpitation but someone had to buy them and put them there, maybe a family member they owed a favor to.

Amy said...

I have not seen those yet, but I think I really like them.