Monday, March 9, 2009

I Surrender

A guilty pleasure is...what? Something you know you shouldn't like, but you do like it, right? Or something you feel guilty for liking? Something you might listen to or read or even eat, but wouldn't wear a tee shirt sporting the fact. Beyond pretending to like or espouse something ironically, that is, just for the effect.

We all have 'em, those secret, guilty pleasures. I'm sure someone I know likes to listen to Celine Dion. That would not be me, by the way. I wouldn't even joke about that one.

How many times did you go see Mama Mia last summer? Eleven? (I don't care. I may be such a snob that instead of seeing movies, I watch "films," or "cinema," but those three "been around the block" broads in that Abba Fest ROCKED!)

But here's the real twist: I am an indisputable foodie. Gourmand unsurpassed, actually.
  • Just the right fruity olive oil drizzled over the creamiest vanilla-bean ice cream, sprinkled with Himalyan pink sea salt.
  • Award-winning Amadei Black 70% cacao-infused Chocolatier Blue truffles, (although, I prefer Amadei's Ecuador to it's higher prized Madagascar. And Chris Blue's passion fruit caramel truffles don't suck, either.)
  • Forever in search of the flakiest, puffiest-puff-pastry-like Almond Creme Croissant, which so far I found at the French French Bakery in Durango, Colorado. Ambrosia Bakery on Ocean Blvd. in San Francisco runs a close second. But I know there is an even better Almond Croissant out there somewhere, just because I believe in perfection.
  • Like Eric's soft and slightly chewey crab-and-cream-cheese-ballooned rangoons that think they're related to Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
All pleasures without an ounce of guilt attached. Also, no hoity-toity pretentiousness, either, because it really is that good.

AND SO IS SPAM.I know I shouldn't like it. I know I should make fun of spam sushi and spam burgers and fried spam with eggs and creatively carved spam loaves at weddings, (yes, it's true. I've been to those kinds of shin-digs, and spam disappears off the buffet before the deviled eggs, so there!)

I just can't help it. I LOVE SPAM...On big soft bread with French's yellow mustard and sweet'n'tangy Miracle Whip (seriously, the only time I can eat sweet mayonnaise) all sloshed up in the middle. Chased with a bottle of Orange Crush.


TRIBE'S said...

I like spam too. I like it fried with cheese. To be honest, I have never made it for my family, I don't know why. But I really do like it, I grew up on it.

Penny said...

I made a sandwich last night for my new son-in-law who had never had Spam before. He was scared. (teehee) BUT, yep, he wanted more!