Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rockin' in the Cradle of the Wasatch

I'm starting a new, different blog about Ogden and vicinity:

Oh! Town Grab Bag
Ogden and its Satellites: Jetsam, Jewels, Jimdandies and Junk like that.

I've been out and about taking pictures and gathering stories of people, places and other sundries that I think might make interesting reading. It's been a stretch to zero in on things not already pretty much over-worked in this our season of blossoming, but it has been quite energizing to look at the same places I've been stamping around in for years with a new focus.

It kind of reminds me of when my sister's grandson came with my daughter to visit me in San Francisco and he spent hours on the beach sweeping his hand through the sand searching for sea glass. I had just shown him a couple of small pieces thinking he might find a couple more. I hadn't seen a lot the many years I lived there, but he came home with heavy sacks full of smoothe green and blue sea glass--a few pieces of yellow, orange and brown, too. I was genuinely surprised...and delighted, because to the young land lubber from Utah, it was a real find.

I'm going to tell new stories about old places, old stories affecting new people, and just generally shining a light -- maybe a floodlight, maybe a pen light, maybe a flickering candle flame on "stuff" right here in my back yard.


Please take a look and tell me what you think.

P.S. This cradle doesn't have anything to do with Ogden or my blog, but isn't it a cool cradle? I was looking for something to go with my originally- (I made it up trying to think of something different to use to place this area--and if it's not original, sorry, but it just came to me) coined term "Cradle of the Wasatch," and came across this. (I don't have a picture of a cradle or sea glass tonight and I really want to get this posted. This came from

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Trish said...

I want that cradle,can I buy it off of Amazon?