Sunday, September 15, 2013

Taking Walks. It's What's Good.


Baby Buddy and I often take long walks together all over the place, up and down, over and around, hill and dale,  (well, maybe not so many dales, but I like that turn of phrase,) through forests, over islands, across bridges, beaches and boardwalks, and this is my favorite view:

We have some interesting discussions, as we stroll along.  I tell him about similar walks I used to take with his mother when she was wee-little a long time ago and with my baby brother even (waaay) longer ago when I was a teenager.

I used to pull Michael in a wagon until he got old enough to ride piggy-back and walk a little on his own.  Then came the bikes and roller blades.  Rural living allows for some long stretches of wonderous discovery!  Becoming aware of a pigsty half a mile before seeing it, broken cattails with their innards floating out over the ditch, greasy smelling railroad ties, pungent onion fields, lanolin-rich sheep pens, foamy rabid dogs.

Katy started out in a stroller, advanced to piggy-back and then to being able to reach my hand as we walked together.  By the time she came along, I had left country environs and we learned the city.  Technically, riding the bus is not walking, but for us, riding the bus or the subway was often part of taking a walk.  The local (Daly City, CA) library and Chinese cemetery, first.  Then all those crazy-busy San Francisco neighborhoods.  I am so overcome with memories of our life at that time, I am just going to have to write a whole post about our experiences there, and get back to my walks with my grandson.

Let's see.  Where were we?  Oh, yes, the views!
I also don't hate looking at these kinds of things:

Nex up, our travels on Steamboat Island and maybe something else. 


Gorges Smythe said...

Lovely photos all.

DeEtta said...

Am a bit jealous, enjoy. Beautiful photos with sweetness.

Trish said...

Baby Buddy is a lucky lil' fella!

Penny said...

Thanks, all!