Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's All About The Water Around Here

We live close to the water.  Can you tell?  One day while at the park/beach/marina, Buddy and I were talking to our musician/artist next door neighbors and their friends who were percussion jamming under the picnic shelter.  We had met one of the friends down by the launch where she went out for a little paddle in her kayak.  Back up at the tables, she asked if I would like to borrow her "boat," (I don't know why she kept calling it her boat) and they would watch the baby for me.  Oh boy!  Could you just see me dropping Katy's son off with a bunch of strangers (neighbors or no, they are still strangers) while I went merrily rowing the woman's boat out in the inlet?   Still, I can't say I wasn't tempted. 

The "boat" I could have traded Buddy for, for a while, at least.

 On another such outing, I watched a young boy and his grandfather carry a little remote-powered motor boat down the beach and climb into their kayaks.  Once out on the water, they played with the toy boat, guiding it out around the pier and under the docks, past the harbor seals sunning on pilings.  Hope that kid grows up to be a writer.

Our Desmond is just too young and too rambunctious to take out on a kayak right now, but next year, watch out, kiddo!  We are going to have some splashing good times!  Until then, my little friend, try not to be too bored with your lot in life.


He kept crawling further out into the lake until it got too deep to know how to navigate, so he tried crawling sideways.  Hook or crook, he's going to figure things out!

And now a little about little Steamboat Island.  It's little.  And house-heavy.  It was founded in 1909 by settlers who thought it was shaped like a steamboat.  Today it is inhabitated mostly by 2-person households.  Retired people?  Vacation homes?  Whatever.   I like saying the word, itself, and I like to peek through the back yards and imagine having supper out on the deck overlooking the sound. 

My little buddy and I think it's just really pleasant to get there crossing the bridge. 



Gorges Smythe said...

I certainly see what you mean.

Penny said...

Thanks are stalwart!

AdieSpringB said...

Beautiful! I love it. Buddy is ADORABLE>