Sunday, September 29, 2013

Because I'm The First Woman In The World Who Ever Loved A Grandbaby

Well, I just can't help it.  I wanted to write an inspired post about fall.  How it enlivens me.  Why I think we should celebrate the new year at this time, rather than in the "dead of winter."  Share some old, roaming the countryside memories, post some photos of firey foliage popping out along the lane.  I wanted to immerse myself in nostalgia and excitement for the future in the same words.    
But, it ain't happenin', folks.  I looked over my blog past to see if I had written anything about fall before, so as not to repeat myself very much and I came across the entry I wrote a year ago.  Oh yeah!  That's right, I wrote about fall abiding with me while I anticipated the birth of my wee grandie!
I was in Alaska and he was landing in Utah.  We celebrated his 1st birthday this week together in Washington.  And don't think I didn't take oodles of pictures of him diving into a messy green cupcake, either!  I'm just not going to flood this post with those pictures.  I've already written plenty about how this little feller has changed the world in the short time he's been here, so there will be none of that, here right now, that is.
Just let me revel. 
Oh, and did you know that I love the color orange?


Gorges Smythe said...

Understandable; grandkids are great!

Tammie said...

:) I love your fall photos. But I love the grandbaby photos too.

Trish said...

Very nice,Grammy!