Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On The Canadian Road 6/24/2011

Katy, Jon (The Two--because I can't keep calling them the kids) and I (The One) stayed in Dawson Creek, BC, which is officially milepost 0 on the Alaskan highway, but it's a couple of days before Alaska.
Alberta was pretty and green, but nothing really breathtaking. Maybe in British Columbia we're closer to the Rockies or something, because it is getting prettier and prettier as we go along. It rained the last little part of our drive.

We stayed at the George Dawson Inn instead of the Best Western or other chains just because , well--when in Dawson... It's quite nice. Not poolside like the Two had in Helena, but we just need a good night's sleep.  Katy and Jon, mostly Katy, refuse to do karaoke with me in lounge--party poopers.

The night before, we stayed with a friend of mine who I haven't seen for 28 years, since Korea, actually. She lives in Albuquerque but is visiting her mom in Calgary. Quel timing! We stayed up late talking while Two went to bed, saying they would drive today while I slept. Not the most rem-state sleep I ever had, but I did ride the whole 10 hours in the back seat dozing and daydreaming and trying to see where we got off track when we got lost.
Snacking on jerky, sunflower seeds and diet sodas on the road, we were ready for a nice supper at about 9 pm: steak (with shrimp, scallops and mushrooms in hollandaise) for me, roast beef and french fries for Jon and ginger beef over rice for Katy. Drooled over the dessert choices, but we passed them up. I don't know how, though, because listen to this: White chocolate cheese cake with fresh blueberries; tiramisu cheesecake; Hawiian cheesecake (coconut shortbread pastry crust, pineapple filling, coconut cake and pineapple mousse on top sprinkled with raspberries.)

Everytime one of us braves a broader look at the map, a groan fills the air. We have taken to just looking at the day's journey and not further. Still, though, not a horrible experience.

Katy wanted to keep driving while we had sunshine. We finally stopped just a bit ago. It's 10PM and the sun hasn't even been hidden by the mountains, yet. We're still in BC--drove about 10 hours today, but it was slow going on winding mountain roads, some construction and travel behind a moving house. 

In Coal River--My credit and debit cards have been bound because of unusual activity in Canada which raises red flags. Can't call my credit union til Monday, but I have American cash which some places take--like this place tonight. But we'll mostly be just driving tomorrow, too, not too much shopping. We have sunflower seeds and salami in the car. Some weight loss shakes, too. K&J have cards that a debit card that might still work. They will have to call tomorrow. $7 Canadian for emergencies.


Now in the Yukon:

This picture was taken outside the door of our motel room at about 10 PM and the one below was taken at about midnight.  Weird to try to sleep when it's still basically daylight.  It feels like you should be doing something, especially on a trip when there's so much to do.

Some very beautiful vistas, lakes, trees like you wouldn't believe, rivers, hot springs...

Once I get to Anchorage and we have reached the time for Two to go back to Utah, they will still have a 13hr trip ahead of them on Saturday night/Sunday morning--6 hours of layover! They've been on the road since Wednesday. Good thing they are still young and like each other!

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