Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Made It To Alaska Today--6/28/2011

It sure took a long time, and even after we got back into the good ol' US Of A it took a long, long time to get to Anchorage. Two-lane highway through the mountains for most of the way, a lot of gravel, wavy road, bumps, road work. Two serious accidents--not ours. And that road is quite remote.

BUT...I just got to where I had to quit taking pictures because I just couldn't keep up with it all. SO STUNNING and BREATHTAKING and WONDEROUS.

And weird, at times, too. Like the gray-haired hippie pulling a two-story hand cart along the Alaska Highway in the middle of no-where. And we thought the bikers were serioiusly crazy. And the truck towing a helicopter.

We pulled into Anchorage after midnight and it had been like dusk for a couple of hours. It is going to be strange getting used to the midnight sun, but very interesting!

Heading for Homer in a few hours just to check out the peninsula, etc., since we have a few days before I need to check in on Friday...just in time for a three-day weekend. Two are flying home Sunday morning. Wonder if I can find something to do after they leave...

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