Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Bay Area Favorite Memory: Ritz Carlton Bagpiper

One hour and one minute from San Francisco south on Highway 1, you will find the Ritz Carlton hotel where you can park for free in the garage and stroll in reverie around the grounds, which include a golf course as well as these imposing, wind-whipped, ocean-eroded cliffs.

Go in the evening on a weekend to watch and listen to the lone (are you beginning to get the significance of One?) bagpiper  play--what else? --Amazing Grace as the sun sets on the horizon.  He walks off the grounds piping his last note right at the well-timed instant the sun splits and melts into red slats out over the silvery hot sea. 

You can also stay there, get married there, golf there and roast marshmallows in the patio fire pit there, but those things aren't free like the parking, walking and listening are. (Well, I guess you could bring your own marshmallows.)

Well worth the drive, even if this place didn't exist!  Highway One is my favorite road trip.  Stay tuned for more stopping off places along the way that will stir your heart and tickle your fancy.

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