Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Highway 1 Favorite Memory: Duarte's Olallaberry Pie and Crab Cioppino

Yes, in that order.  Start with the pie and top it off with the cioppino.  Then get some artichoke soup.  You had to know there would be at least one post about food in this series of favorite places in California's Bay Area! 

Duarte's Tavern is in Pescadero, which is another 3 minutes from the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton. 

Plus, you get to drive by this beach on the way.

My friend, Constance, called me one day and said "Let's go to Pescadero and try the cioppino that Guy Fieri says is his favorite." 
I said, "OK."
And so we went. And we spent.
But you would probably spend a lot more there now.  Things are so expensive these days.
(Seems like I went to a retreat in that area, too, at some point. I lived a hard life when I lived in Northern California.) 


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I missed out, never hear of theses places. Looks yummy.