Monday, June 22, 2009

Move Over Peggy Lipton

Don't lie. You recognized this right away, didn't you?

And you know those holes are not just so the air can circulate to dry your hair faster while you're sleeping on these suckers, too, huh?

Did you know that you can still buy those hair roller picks? Look anywhere on line. Now you can have that long, straight look again!
I could have had these rollers for a song at the Salvation Army yard sale, but I don't really need them. If I ever let my hair grow out long enough to roll up, I've probably still got some orange juice cans I can use.
And then I will look like this again.

Slumber party, my house Friday night. Bring your 45s.


Hanaike House said...

Penny! Penny! Penny! Its so good to hear from you! Your comment about Luke's hair cracked me up; but you know, you still have two red-heads in our family. We miss having slumber parties with you - its been too long since you've visited. But, I guess we'll see you on the blog!

Trish said...

Oh did the salvation army yard sale have that hair tape for your bangs too? Ow. Don't roll over on your little sister while you sleep with those things in your head.You did use oj cans,or an iron . But you were one of the lucky ones that was fortunate enough to have the real McCoy hair rollers oh yes and The real leather GO GO boots(not those vinyl ones that cracked in the snow)