Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Want To But You Can't ... Touch That, I Mean

Archie Bray Foundation, Helena MT. (Seriously worth a trip to the website, if you can't make it to Helena.)

I went to the lake first, which was more like a pond and honestly not anywhere as wonderful at Beuss Pond at home, but the ranger was going to charge me $5 as an out of state visitor and the woman with me had a dog he said couldn't get out of the car there, so we got back in the car and drove to this place down the road. By the way, I was not offended because $5 is nothing and other people pay taxes for their state parks.

I know, huh? Penny let a dog get in her car.

WOA...thanks for the rejection, Ranger Man, because this place was more fun than looking at people look at fish. Also got here just in time to hear a live jazz quartet playing out in the yard.

Not pottery, but look at this cute pigeon camper!

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