Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Welcome To The 24th Annual Living Traditions Festival: A Celebration of Salt Lake's Folk and Ethnic Arts.

"At this celebration of the traditional cultures of the many groups, native and immigrant, that make Salt Lake their home, the whole community can enjoy a diversity of authentic foods, music, dance and crafts. Presented on the grounds of the beautifully restored Salt Lake City & County Building, Living Traditions brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to share the Festival experience."

"Mike Seeger has devoted his life to singing and playing “Music from True Vine” — the home music made by American southerners before the media age. The music has grown out of hundreds of years of British traditions, blended in our country with equally ancient African traditions to produce songs and sounds that are unique to the southern United States. Mike Seeger has been honored with six Grammy nominations, and received the Rex Foundation's Ralph J. Gleason Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995. "

"The Pine Leaf Boys are Wilson Savoy, Courtney Granger, Jon Bertrand, Drew Simon, and Thomas David and have been immersed in music since childhood. Hailing from farms and villages in the Cajun country of Louisiana, the Pine Leaf Boys have been making a name for themselves as young musicians preserving the traditional Cajun sound while allowing it to breathe and stretch. They perform with twin fiddles, accordion, bass, and drum. "

"The Rebirth Brass Band is a national musical institution. Formed in New Orleans in 1982, the band has graduated from “busking” on the city’s streets to SRO performances at theaters and festivals around the world. Rebirth is committed to upholding the tradition of the brass band while incorporating modern traditions of funk, jazz, soul and hip hop. This signature blend energizes audiences at every performance."

"Lifesavas is a Portland, Oregon-based performers met while playing basketball and soon got hipped to each other's rapping talents. This year Living Traditions welcomes to the main stage its first hip hop performers. As hip hop music emerged in the 1970s, it was based on disc jockeys who created rhythmic beats by looping breaks on two turntables, and later accompanied by "rapping." With the music, an urban youth culture evolved with breakdancing, styles of dress and street art."

Come on...you know you want to!

Thai carvings

Navajo basket weaving

Scottish tartan weaving

Braided rugs

Pueblo pottery
Sudanese clay animals

Bobbin lace
Turkish crochet
Peruvian retablos
African cartoons

Central American Folk Jewelry
Tongan Wood and Bone Carving
Hawaiian Crafts

Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Bonsai
Tibetan Rugweaving

Well, you get the idea. Workshops, a children's area, international film series, live cooking demonstrations, more dancing than you can shake a Pilipino tinickling stick at.

And, of course,

Katy, Jon, Kaid and I will be there--some of the time as volunteers, the rest of the time chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.

Ya'll Come!!!

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