Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blue Chocolates Or A Bronze Pig, I Can't Make This Decision For You

If you're a 14-year-old kid on an outing with your grandmother's sister, who loves taking classy pictures, you might have to pose with Petunia Pig. And no matter how cheesey you think it is, you would probably do it anyway, just to please the poor thing. She gets so little enjoyment out of life at her age, you would know that your posing with Petunia would make her day.

Well, thank you, Kaid, it did make my day, because you're both so danged cute!

Now we can get to the business of adding to your college fund. When Petunia is full, you might have enough money for your first semester.

But then, you know, don't you, that if you keep popping all your Jacksons into your little piggy bank, you won't have money left over for the really important things in life like Blue Chocolates that you can find just down the street from Petunia at Tony Caputo's:

Passion fruit (from New Zealand) caramel, pomegranate caramel, (and not your mother's caramels, these, might I add--melt-on-your-palate, drippy, creamy, silky, no sticking to your dentes kind of caramel,) award-winning chocolate from Tuscany, farm fresh cream, organic butter, pistachios from Sicily, ennis hazelnuts from a family farm in Washington, and citrus from a local market with a touch of fleur de sel salt to awaken all the taste buds in the mouth.

I don't know. It seems like a slam-dunk to me, but then you're the one with all the academic accolades and appointment to Who's Who and well, I guess it is your future, after all.


constanza said...


The Fire in Ice said...

mmmm. You know this weekend the state championships start and finish is right in front of Tony's... I may just have to treat myself to some chocolate once I am finished... Speaking of which. YOu should TOTALLY come. Its only a 35 miute crit. I start at 8:45. Should be exciting. Warm weather and all. I think I will just lie on the grass at pioneer park afterwards and enjoy something scrum-didoolee-ump-shis from Caputos...

Trish said...

Kaid says that was cheesy,but nice.He said you forgot to mention the tongue tingling acid in the chocolates?

Penny said...

Is passion fruit acidic? All I remember is his saying he didn't expect the passion fruit flavor to jump up and slap him in the face like it did. A testament to the REAL FLAVOR, intense and true.
Steph--good luck on your race, but Kaid and I are doing our yard sale thing this Saturday. Gotta feed that dad-gum pig, don't you know.