Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Olives Than You Probably Have a Taste For

I have been sitting here for more minutes than anyone wants me to admit, trying to out-clever myself in writing my very-first-ever-in-the-world blog entry. I asked my niece whether or not I should be careful using people's names, etc., and she said I could set my blog to be viewed by invitation only.
"But if someone wanted famous, how would that work then?" I asked.
"Oh. Do you want to be famous?"
"Well, no...I just mean, you know, look at that Julie and Julia blog. All she did was write about trying out recipes and now they're making a movie out of her blog. Starring Meryl Streep!"
"Oh, yeah..."
Then she reminded me that there are so many blogs out there, who's going to stumble over mine so why worry about how much information may or may not be unleashed into cyber space.
When I was a youngster and decided to keep a diary like Anne Frank did, I couldn't write in it because I was too self-conscious about someone else maybe reading it.
I finally got over that, though, and you should see my big Rubbermaid storage bucket with about 30 volumes of personal journals stacked in it. And it ain't over yet.
So, when you get the first stubbornly-wedged olive out of the bottle, as they say, the rest just plop right out and there you go--I may never stop writing blog posts.


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Ok, I want you to post some journal prompts and ideas for keeping a good journal. You must have learned a thing or two in those 30 volumes. Is it day to day detail? Random thoughts? Feedback, please!

Penny said...

Yeah--I probably have a lot to say about having a lot to say... And I might think it's interesting enough to write a whole post about, probably, or something. Maybe. We'll see.

Jillian said...

I am so excited you started a blog.I love everything I have read so far , it has been very entertaining!Welcome to the blogger world where EVERYBODY can read your blog.J/K!You are an amazing writer and since I havent recieved a copy of your journal's this will hold me over :)