Saturday, February 21, 2009

Get Your Drool On

If you're going to San Francisco, let me give you directions to Sheng Kee Bakery so you can bring me back a load of mocha creme buns. Yeah, fine, the Hong Kong Chestnut cake looks pretty good, as do the pineapple moon cakes and egg yolk pastries, but don't bother. And the sign in the store will even tell you that there's no pineapple in the pineapple buns.
The mocha-creme-buns bun is like the Chinese barbeque-pork-buns bun, without the pork, of course, or the so-called barbeque sauce. Glossy, soft, not very crisp, but firm, a little bit stretchy, a little bit yeasty, a lot a lot very good.
The moussie cream tastes so mocha-licious you don't even care that it gets all over you worse than Carl's Jr.'s ketchup. (Eww anyway. Why is ketchup in this discussion?)
Mocha gets between your fingers, on your eyelashes (because you can't not lick the tight little corners of the cellophane wrapper it comes in) and on the tip of your nose and then someone will have to tell you you've got something under your chin, but if they know it's Sheng Kee's mocha creme and they've ever had it before, they won't tell you. They will pretend they are overcome with friendliness and heart-warmth for you and will fall on your neck, but don't let them--they are just trying to beat you to that last little schmear.
Sell an organ for it.
This is not it.  This is a green tea pastry.  Just because I wanted a pretty picture to put in here. 

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Jillian said...

I guess untill we make it to SF, we are going to have to eat a Key Lime cake , with the white chocolate beads to top it off! YUMMMOOOO!