Monday, January 19, 2015

Merry Mishmash 2014

Our Desmond turned 2 a couple of months before Christmas, and although it was his third Christmas, a lot of the quiet traditions we engaged in were wonder-filled firsts for him: 

drumming pomegranate arils from their shells with a spoon,

 filling and frying up Korean hoddeok,

hunting for and cutting down a just-right-for-us Christmas tree,

(You sure know how to find those perfect rocks, Desmond, but we're actually looking for a tree this time.)

embracing the hauntingly lonesome glow of harbor lights on the silv'ry sea,

overcoming Christmas Cracker anxiety, (because this was neither actually a first for him nor was it a necessarily quiet activity,)

and determining whether the obligatory marzipan pig is a darling little toy or something as exquisitely toothy and edible as it looks.  


DeEtta said...

He is a cutie. May you have a 2015 mish mash year.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

Awesome report!

Penny said...

Thanks DeEtta, you, too!
Thank you Jerry...hope things are going well for you two over there wherever over there is!

baby said...
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baby said...

Is that the dough with cinnamon and butter inside that you fry? Rick and Eve were in Korea. Sign that boy up for a job.