Wednesday, October 22, 2014

These Days, It's All About Apples And Pumpkins

What does it do to you to see apples floating in a bucket of water?  Does it make you a kid again?  In a place that just absolutely can't exist any more?  Somewhere like, oh I don't know...the past?  Back there where those very apples actually tasted like apples?  Back there where there were only two kinds of apples:  Orchard apples and Red Delicious Christmas stocking apples. Oh the lovely, lilting, bouyancy of the word itself.  Apple. (Somebody should definitely name their child "Apple.")

Hey, what?!  Like 40 or more varieties of apples?  In one grange hall?  The idea is to walk the perimeter, taste each and every one of them and take notes to return to your favorites.  I couldn't hang with those hard-core apple tasters, though.  After a few bites, I got a bit full of apples.

However, no matter how many samplings of apples I had, I just couldn't walk away from these dewey little drops of immortal ambrosia.  WICKSON CRAB APPLE.  At once tart, tangy, noisy, crispy-clear and sweet.  Like an apple stolen from the past.  Like an apple's apple with the flavor of a real apple!

Just ask this kid; he'll tell you.

So with all apple tales come stories of spiders and caterpillars and the ancient art of examination and discovery.

Another day, another tractor ride. And wagon ride and bounce walk. And kittens in the hay. Maybe a pumpkin or two.



KMOHOT. B. said...

Excellent read! :)

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Oh mercy, these pictures are beautiful. Idyllic. What a wonderful little family living together in a wonderful place. And my favorites are Honeycrisp. :-)

DeEtta said...

I felt like I was there. You are having too much fun :)

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I tried eating a crab apple once. That was enough.

Penny said...

Thanks Everyone~
Jerry, there are crab apples and there are crab apples. I have picked the smaller ones that are only good for making into jelly. My best jelly, as a matter of fact. These are actually really sweet and tart without the bitterness of the others.