Monday, March 3, 2014

Texas Jelly Bean

I mean, it's just a piece of candy, right?  I think you might be exaggerating about how hot it is, Penny. 

Ummm...well, it is getting kinda warm...but I'm cool.  I'm cool.  It's just a piece of candy.

Asbestos tongues pretty much run in our family, most of us having been weaned on toothpicks soaked in cinnamon oil, red-hot Fire Stix or those really hot square cinnamon suckers, not to mention New Mexico peppers, but this little blazing blast from my past packs a hot wallop like no other.  

Hand it to these two troopers!  Witness the pain, but did they spit it out?  They might have, had the thought ever crossed their minds, but I think their brains just kind of shut down and didn't allow for any rational thought for a while.  Survivors just getting through the moment.


DeEtta said...

The expressions say it all. I love hot candy but maybe this one I will pass on.

Trish said...

Oh my gosh! I am laughing so hard. Kaid is hanging on for dear life and his fist is getting tighter and tighter and I think his knuckles turned white. Jillian's face is priceless and look at little Thompson trying to figure out what is wrong with his Mama!