Friday, September 14, 2012


     Last week we had a storm here in Anchorage that blew trees over all over town.  Residents ended up powerless--that is, without electric power in their homes, some of them for several days while crews worked "night and day" to restore power.  It was big news.  It's early in the season for this kind of storm, which is hurricane-force, but not technically a hurricane because of where the energy is gathered.  (From the jet stream rather than from warm ocean currents.) 

Someone else's Facebook photo

Had to lean over the fence to take this picture

     This sweet little town is due for another wind and rain storm tomorrow. 

Facebook photo from Visit Anchorage page 
     I didn't prepare or worry about the last storm and was largely unaffected by it.  However, today I turned on the ice-maker in the freezer and put all my blue ice packs in to freeze, as well.  I didn't like hearing the stories of people's food spoiling in the refrigerator.  I have a small camping cooler under the table in my bedroom. 
     We've also been warned there might be areas of flooding.  Should that occur, I'm pretty sure the storage room in our garage will be on that list. 
      BUT...forecasters are saying they can't be sure there will even be a storm.  Or that the storm they are watching out over the sea will actually make it to our fair coast. 
      I'm a glass-half-full kind of gal and I'm expecting the only trouble I'll have will be getting to the library on Sunday to return my movies. 


DeEtta said...

Love the title. You are so creative in your writing.

Linda said...

Wow....what a post. Great photos, too.