Saturday, August 18, 2012

More Stuff From Homer/Soldotna Trip

     Too many moments pass.  There are times when I think I really need to get to work on sharing pictures and stories of all the little goings-on in my world these days.  I say sharing when I actually
mean just tucking them away in this wee corner of cyberspace.  I wonder if I'll ever be sorry I didn't just write all this down in a journal and keep the pictures in an album, instead.  I think I'm hoping to shore up reserves against memory loss, and where the heck is cyberspace if you really had to go looking for it?

      Also, I kind of miss writing in a real journal.  I don't so much miss writing with a real pen on real paper because that's just slow and sluggish, of course, but I miss the freedom of  "spilling it all."   As a matter of fact, this is too much navel-gazing for a blog post right now, so on with the pictures!

     The next several pictures are from my last trip to Homer and Soldotna. 


     (You know how happy I am to stumble upon Kitsch. I use that word as a proper noun, because it feels like a place to me--that's how much I love it!)

     Here are just some things that caught my eye as I drove around looking for things to catch my eye.

     Here's a lesson in keeping your overhead cost down.  This guy was selling Wisconsin cheese on the roadside.  He was squatting in front of an abandoned taxidery shop,  pulling wheels and blocks of cheese right out of his backback. 

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Gorges Smythe said...

I always enjoyed navel-gazing as a young man. Oh, you weren't meaning that kind; were you? Ah well, there's a lot to said for the other kind, too! ;-)