Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Little "Made-in-Alaska" Tale...Or Two

I've been told to watch for when the fireweed blooms at the top of the stalk. That means snow will begin to fly in about 6 to 8 weeks. Fireweed blooms from the bottom up over the summer months.

Doesn't look like it should be called "fireweed," does it? After the blossoms and the "cotton" leave the plant, the stalks and leaves are left in a red-orange state that look like flames. Haven't reached that point quite yet, here in Anchorage, though, so I'll post some pictures later.

But isn't it interesting that little cotton balls begin to form near the base? Almost as if they are growing thicker fur like the animals in order to stay warmer.  Maybe I should do the same.

 I finally saw Denali (I call it that now instead of Mt. McKinley because I've been corrected twice already.)  I see it from my living room window 300 miles away!  I've been watching and waiting for that ever since my landlady, who called it Mt. McKinley, told me I would be able to see it on a clear day.  It's a "clear day" around here for a bit and I snapped a blurry picture.  Couldn't help it, but here's what I've come up with so far.

I went shopping yesterday at Salvation Army, JUST IN CASE I could spot something really worth owning for a while. Found this little gem:

Denali again! At first I thought it was just an odd, "artistic" little homemade clock with a turquoise-colored second hand. That second hand is what sealed the deal for me. I know it's all bent out of the shape the artist meant for it, but it's really flexible and I will work with it until it looks right. Couldn't quite tell what the logo on the back was supposed to be.   A dinosaur maybe?

Then walking around my neighborhood last night I saw this sign:

So now, for the time being (oh! I didn't even intend that pun!) it sits on the sill for when it's not a clear day and I can't see the real thing out my window.  Pay no attention to those cars behind the curtain.  Well...then pay no attention to the fact that there are no curtains...yet.

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Nicole said...

OK that is the best clock I have ever seen! I have a love affair with Denali. I know where all the places in Eagle River are to see it. I know when you won't see it anymore on the way to Wasilla. I dream of a cabin in Talkeetna where I can stare at it and I fantasize about climbing it. Seriously. I love that mountain!