Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Various and Sundry--Just To Get Back In The Habit

What's more agreeable than seeing a full (yes, a whole arc--north to south!) double rainbow?

How about...looking at others seeing a full, double rainbow?

And if rainbows aren't really your thing, do waterfalls or mountains float your boat?

Clear streams?

A big whiff of bear musk on the trail?

Clouds and trees in the lake and...

OK--I ripped this one off, but wintery-white island trees are VERY agreeable to me and I was at Flathead Lake in the summer. And given winter road conditions in Northwestern Montana, I think you probably have to already be there to get there, which I will more than likely not be.

Flathead Lake has its own version of elusive monster--would she be called Heddie? Is that an appropriate name for something described as "slippery and shiney with a bowling ball head?"

1 comment:

DeEtta said...

I like all those things, pretty pictures. Dont know how I missed seeing them.