Friday, August 7, 2009

Don't Tell Me The Lights Are Shining Any Place But There

Black currants in my aunt's garden in North Ogden.

It took the two of us two hours to get most of the currants off four bushes. We ended up with about a gallon currants which steamed down to 2 quarts of juice. Very unsual flavor, by the way. I can't describe it, but think tangy and intense. Maybe a bit woody and grapey. Ish.

I made black currant jelly and entered it in the Weber County Fair with my crab apple jelly and white seedless grape syrup.

I also entered a couple of loaves of bread,

and some photography.

Jasper, my pretty pink pig pal didn't win any ribbons, but I don't mind. I know she has a winning smile and that's what really counts, right?


Hanaike House said...

How fun is that, entering homemade stuff in a fair and winning all those ribbons! I'm impressed!

Trish said...

Whoot whoot! Atta girl! Love that big ol' lavender ribbon. Jasper is purty cute too.They ain't gunna eet 'er are thay?Almost makes me want to give up ham and only eat spam. Nah.

Laura said...

woo hoo penny! wish i could have been a tasting judge!

Jewels said...

Everything looks amazing. It's fun seeing the ribbons on all your entries. Jasper already has what it takes. She doesn't need a ribbon to prove it.

Hanaike House said...

Hi Penny I miss you and I know you're very suprised that I'm going to the eighth grade because when you moved back to Utah I was in fith grade and the elective I've decided to take is to be the eighth grade algebra teacher Mr.Jamal Mogannam's teaching assistant and I go to Fernando Rivera Middle School plus thanks for the comment.

Katy said...

"...Jasper." she says with a shrug.

ahaha! And no one else gets it. Ergo, I'm speacial?

Good job mom!

Syds said...

You are an amazing and inspiring woman!