Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seven Deadly Secrets

Daly City Nancy (Hanaike House) "tagged" me on her blog and I usually don't play those games because I'm just a little bit too cool for them, but because it's Nancy, I'll do this one. Supposed to write 7 things about myself that might not be common knowledge. I know, huh? Penny and secrets? I guess I'll have to dig through the past to come up with something. Caveat lector: I probably won't answer any questions these revelations may engender.

#1. Childhood reputation: Poker face. I'm standing between my sisters...we're dressed for fishing. That's me being excited.

#2. Used to be a clown. "Shuffles." Had to give up the gig when I scared all the kids and the birthday boy ran and hid under his bed. I scared the parents, too. They all just stared at me. Fools.

#3. Even with summer swimming lessons as a kid, I didn't learn to swim until I was in college. And though I had taken a few trips to the coast, the very first time I ever swam in the ocean was in Korea at the East Sea. This is unusual if you know how much I love to swim and how I think the ocean is my real home. This wonderful event occured after a four-hour bus trip across the Korean country side, a 2-mile hike into hills to the farmhouse where we stayed, an agonizing wait to cook lunch over a wood fire and another mile-hike to the bus stop to ride a half hour to the coast! Yes, I love the seaside and I was glad it was "fun in the sunny 80s" so I could wear those giant-framed sunshades.

#4. I talk to strangers and I don't always pass up hitchkikers without giving them rides. 'Nuff said.

#5. My daughter and her friends call me a human lie detector. You can't lie to me. You just can't. You can try, but I will bust your lyin' bee-hind. Unless I feel sorry for your pathetic self trying to tell me stories. It's a gift.

#6. I found the end of the rainbow and I TOUCHED IT! With my sister who is no longer in this dimension with us, but I can't find the picture of her. (That's her in the fishing photo above with the curly little pigtails she didn't want to mess up with a hat.) She must have taken her rainbow picture with her like she took a big chunka my heart with her.

#7. What will I be in my next life? Hmmm. I think....Horse Whisperer.


Hanaike House said...

Thanks Penny! You had us cracking up! We especially appreciate you digging up those priceless pictures. We thought you were making up the clown one till we saw the picture.

Trish said...

Liar liar Pants on fire...I love it

Trish said...

#1 SWEETEST picture ever!You all three look pretty excited with your 'spenders and overalls.Is that Dad's hat you are wearing? And did you have to hold that one sister there because she was(is) camera shy?

Trish said...