Friday, April 24, 2009

Cowboys, Mermaids and Monsters on the Goodnight-Loving Trail (Part 1)

Another dry and sandy-looking stone building. New Mexico has a lot of these.

But come a little closer and see that the sky isn't the only patch of blue.

Hey, what's this? A portal to a mysterious aqua-world?

What a delightful surprise! (New Mexico has a lot of these, too...delightful surprises, that is.)

This is one of the "Bottomless Lakes" that are often hidden from view until one learns to recognize the signs around them and eagerly approaches. Not all of them are tucked behind dry and sandy looking buildings, of course.
I wonder what they're standing on?
Ooops, where did they go?!

More to come in near future posts...maybe some about mermaids and monsters and other myths, if you insist on calling them that; certainly some about geology, gypsum and cavernous sink holes. Hold your breath, Ladies and Germs!

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